Progress to Success Framework

Progress to Success (P2S)

The University of Derby’s Progress to Success Framework (P2S) - targeting 34 secondary schools in areas of disadvantage and low progression across Derby city and Derbyshire - has been developed in response to government drivers around widening the participation in higher education (HE) of under-represented learners.   

P2S is a vital component of the University of Derby’s mission to improve social mobility across the region. This research-informed, long-term, multi-intervention, outreach programme is delivered in partnership with schools to achieve sustainable change. Through this framework, the Widening Access Team work with young people on an individual level to find what fires their imagination, develops their self-belief, and fills in knowledge gaps. 

The key objective of P2S is to facilitate the realisation of ambitions for learners through a series of research-informed experiences. Exploration into ‘what works’ informs core activities, including summer schools, visit days, classroom workshops, and virtual sessions, which cover a breadth of learning styles. 

P2S provides progressive touchpoints for pupils from Year 7 to Year 11. In 2021/22, 71 P2S activities were accessed by 4,025 learners. 


Targeting is fundamental to ensure those who would benefit most access the programme. Of those who participated in 2021/22: 

Students looking up at the camera
Students raising their hands
Students writing


A robust mixed methodology evaluation and theory of change model are embedded. The longitudinal nature of this ensures outcomes are tracked, not only through school but into and beyond HE. 

Evidence of tangible impact: 

These statistics, compelling as they are, pale into insignificance when learners tell us the legacy of taking part in P2S:

Supporting learners to develop their own pathway to success is what really matters.