Inclusion and Special Educational Needs Research Cluster

What we do

Inclusion and social justice for all is an area of central importance to the Institute of Education. As a team we have particular expertise in removing barriers for those described as having special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), as well as expertise in the areas of same-sex parents/carers, disability and Islam, honour based abuse, and children seeking sanctuary.  

We pursue research and development work with a wide range of partners, including the Department for Education (DfE), a number of Local Authorities including health professionals, the National Association of Special Educational Needs (nasen), The Careers & Enterprise Company, the SENAD Group, the Supreme Education Council in Qatar, a range of teaching schools and alliances, disability artists, and professionals from local colleges and schools.

For further information, please contact the cluster lead Dr Geraldene Codina.

This research and development of the ISEND Research Cluster aims to:

  1. Work collaboratively in pursuit of more inclusive and socially just outcomes for children and young people
  2. Design, promote, and deliver professional development events that enhance the confidence, skill, and reflective capacities of practitioners to work in inclusive ways
  3. Enhance the understanding of others regarding inclusive practice
  4. Offer a critical perspective on policy and practice
  5. Present results in ways that might challenge and inform policy

Research with us

We supervise doctoral students researching topics related to inclusion and special educational needs.

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Meet the team

Dr Ali Ali - Research in Inclusion 

Dr Hannah - Senior Researcher  

Andy Bloor - Senior Lecturer in ITE and SEND

Chris Bristow- Senior Lecturer in Education Studies & SEND 

Dr Sarah Charles - Head of institute Education 

Dr Geraldene Codina - Associate Professor Research 

Wendt Conrad - Lecturer in Education (SEND) 

Trevor Cotterill- Senior Lecturer in Education Studies & SEND 

Dr Ihsan Foster - Senior Lecturer in postgraduate Studies 

Professor Brian Lamb (Visiting Professor)

Katherine Maycock - Impact Officer 

Kulsoom Pridmore - Senior Lecturer in FE Collaborations

Prof. Deborah Robinson - Professor of Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) 

Sarah Roeschlaub - Lecturer in Childhood Studies 

Mel Smith - Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies 

Tom Staunton - Lecturer in Career Development 

Judith Szenasi - Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies

Julia Trickey - Senior Lecture in ITE (Primary/EYTS) 

Emma Twigg - Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies 

Su wall - Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies 


Wkyeham Bosworth Nightingale

Type of doctorate: PhD (studentship)

"An ethnographic study of a supported internship programme"

Supervisors: Dr Geraldene Codina & Prof. Deborah Robinson

John Brown

Type of doctorate: PhD

"Uncovering teachers' hidden experiences of disabilities and being professional" 

Supervisors: Dr Geraldene Codina & Prof. Deborah Robinson 

Wendy Conrad

Type of doctorate: EdD 

"Supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of learning-disabled learners in the mainstream secondary classroom" 

Supervisors: Dr Geraldene Codina & Dr Sarah Charles 

Kulsoom Pridmore

Type of doctorate: PhD 

"What is the Role of Education in addressing Honour Based Abuse?"

Supervisors: Prof. Deborah Robinson & Dr Ishan Foster

Sarah Roeschlaub

Type of doctorate: PhD

"An investigation into how same-sex families conceptualise their family unit and the influence of external and internal factors on them"

Supervisors: Dr Sarah Charles & Dr Ishan Foster

Ifza Shakoor

Type of doctorate: PhD

"Equality and Inclusive Practice in Career Development: Diversifying the Pipeline" 

Supervisors: Prof. Siobhan Neary & Dr Bally Kaur 

Research-informed teaching

The Institute of Education runs a number of courses which are shaped and informed by the work of this research cluster.