Mental Health

On these pages we have information for you that look at the practical sides of preparing yourself and organising your support around you, to make your transition into University life as smooth as possible. There are useful pieces of information that will help you find out how you can have some planned strategies in place to help with this transition and where you can gain support.

Before you arrive at University

Admission to the University is done entirely on academic criteria and a declaration of mental illness will not negatively affect your application. An early declaration and conversation with us will make it more likely that you will be successful as it will allow us to begin putting support in place for you at an early stage.

There are many practical steps we can take to assist you before the academic year begins, including outlining the types of support we will be able to provide and the process for accessing this support, and visiting the University in the quieter summer months.

We will also be able to explore the realities of University life with you so you can have some planned strategies in place to help with the transition to university.

Experience shows that those students who seek support have a more positive experience of university and are far more likely to stay well and succeed academically, than those who don't. If you have an existing mental illness and are coming to study with us in the future please contact Student Wellbeing on:

Derby Campus

Buxton Campus


If you regularly use any medication you must ensure that you bring at least 4 weeks supply with you to university. It can take this long for your notes to transfer from your GP at home to your new GP in Derby. This can delay you getting a new prescription.

If you are unable to get 4 weeks supply, for whatever reason, please contact us in the Student Wellbeing Service so we can discuss other options with you.

You can find some brief guides to the different types of medication prescribed on the NHS website. If you are concerned about the impact of your medication on your academic performance do not stop taking it. Please either contact your GP or the Student Wellbeing Service to discuss this.

Transferring your support to Derby

If you are currently receiving ongoing support for your mental health from your GP or from a statutory service such as the following, then it is important that your support is properly transferred to Derby:

In the past we have been aware of some services recommending that students simply ask their new GP in Derby to set up their support, once they get here.

Unfortunately, this often means that there is a long delay between you arriving and your support being in place. It can take up to six weeks for your notes to be transferred and only then will your new GP be able to start the process of setting up your support.


We have also found that some services have discharged students from their service just before they go to university. In our experience this does not always work for the majority of students. The first term at university tends to be the most stressful and it is often better for the support you've been receiving to continue at least until you have settled into university life.

We recommend that if you are in receipt of ongoing support that you ask for a referral to Derby. The service supporting you will know how to do this.

Some services (like the Early Intervention Service for instance) will be happy to provide you with support in two places - in Derby and at your current home address during holiday periods. You can discuss this possibility with your support service.

If you are concerned about this issue we are happy to help and can work with you to help get your support in place in Derby. View Student Wellbeing contacts.

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