Non-Medical Helper (NMH) Support

Our non-medical helper (NMH) provision is provided by a team of highly skilled, qualified and registered professionals who are experienced at providing specialist support to students.

Our key focus is the academic experience and achievement of students, which is ensured through a comprehensive quality assurance framework.

The information for each NMH provider is held in a consistent format, in accordance with Student Finance England's NMH bandings introduced in 2014.

NMH Rates - University of Derby 1819

DSA-QAG hold information on all NMH (Non-Medical Help) providers

Although DSA-QAG does not quality assure NMH providers, in 2014 they were asked to standardise information on NHM providers. There were previously two NMH databases in operation, the NNAC wiki and the CLASS system, which both held information on the NMH providers. The sector requested DSA-QAG centralise these two databases into a single system to allow DSA needs assessors access to accurate and up-to-date information for NMH providers who offer services to DSA students.

Links to all NMH providers information will be held on the DSA-QAG website. All enquiries should be addressed to

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