Blog: Environment and sustainability

growing piles of coins in soil with plant shoots on top of them

Orla Kelleher, Senior Lecturer in Responsible Management at the University of Derby, investigates the challenges business leaders face in light of the urgent need to address sustainability.

solar panels and wind turbines in a green space

Dr Fred Paterson, Associate Professor of Sustainable Business and Clean Growth at the University of Derby, examines the results of a six-year study into pro-environmental business and clean growth trends undertaken by the University’s Sustainable Business Research group in collaboration with the East Midlands Chamber.

Person sifting through shirts in a vintage shop.

Ray Underwood studies Marketing Management and is often finding ways to be more sustainable as a student. Discover ways you can help the environment in her blog. 

People standing outside holding banners protesting.

COP26 will come and go in a matter of days, Jessica Gordon-Calvert explains how it will be the long-term actions by individuals and the collective that will carry the lasting impact in mitigating climate change. 

group of adults at the SHED sat in a circle talking

Dr Rhiannon Jones, Researcher at the University of Derby, will speak at the Design for Planet event, which will champion design as a powerful agent of change. Here, she explains more.

Charlie digging next to a tree, wearing safety goggle.

Charlie Mercer outlines what actions he has taken as part of the student-led, Derby Goes Green project to help create a sustainable environment and what you can do to help support the green movement. 

Alvaston park, trees line a pathway.

Ray Underwood shares her love for Derby's local parks. Beautiful spaces of nature that have recently achieved Green Flag status. 

Kirsten Lees standing on moorland

Kirsten Lees, Early Career Research in Zero Carbon at the University of Derby explains why we need to work with the natural world and think carefully about how we manage landscapes into the future in order to mitigate the climate crisis.

Oak tree from Glasgow coat of arms in the City's Botanic Gardens

Paul Elliott, Professor of Modern History at the University of Derby maintains that we can be inspired by the host city of Glasgow and particularly its history of ambitious municipal environmental intervention.  

children playing in a woodland area

Dr Gemma Collard Stokes, Researcher in Therapeutc Arts at the University of Derby discusses why Dance performance and participation offers us encounters of belonging, of kinship and of care, so we might fall in love with the planet again.