Race and Education Research Cluster

What we do


The focus of this cluster is to create a respectful space for research, knowledge exchange, teaching and participation in critical and reflexive discussions about race and racial inequalities in education. Our overall aim is to develop understanding around the role of race in education, and ultimately to challenge race inequality in education in all its forms. The work of this cluster focuses on education at all levels, both formal and informal.

For further information, please get in touch with the cluster leads: 

Dr Balwant Kaur or Professor Charlotte Chadderton


The cluster and its members aim to:

  • Lead in the development of theory to better understand and address racial inequalities in education, including (post)colonialism, Critical Race Theory, intersectionality, Critical Whiteness Studies;
  • Lead methodological discussions and developments around research on race and race inequality in order to avoid the reinscription of white dominance in research and challenge interventionist / saviour approaches. These include participatory / co-produced research and decolonial and critical race methods;
  • Explore and promote anti-racist practices and pedagogies, racial literacy and race equality in education via teaching and CPD;
  • Analyse the impact of education policy, practices and dominant Western-centric ideologies as well as geopolitical and global movements and moments, on the positioning and perception of racialised groups in education;
  • Conduct empirical research which enables us both to better understand, and to challenge, race inequality in education;
  • Explore the spaces for activism for race equality in education.

Cluster Events

'Freirian Pedagogy in School Practice: Reflections from Philadelphia’

17.10.23, 12.30 p.m. - 1.30 p.m., B120, Kedleston Road 

Dr Bally Kaur and Dan Williams, University of Derby


‘The Indigenous Child: Representations on Latin American Social and Educational research’

25.10.23, 12.15 p.m. - 1.00 p.m., Room TBC        

Dr Marco Delgado-Fuentes, University of Derby


'Challenging and re-constructing the 'controlling images' narrative of Black women in school workforces.'

25.01.24, 12 -1pm.

Dr Janet Ramdeo , University of Surrey


'Affirmative action British style: exploring race-based doctoral studentships in elite universities.' 

28.02.24, 12-1pm, Online

Dr Ayo Mansaray and Dr Antonia Dawes (Kings College, London)