Progression Data

Progression to University of Derby from Widening Access target schools in September 2022

508 students applied to the University from target schools, of which 133 went on to enrol.  

The conversion rate for applications to enrolments is 26% (23% in 2021), significantly higher than the University as a whole (14%). This shows excellent engagement with the University from applicants at target schools. This is the pattern we expect to see due to their engagement in our comprehensive outreach programmes.  

Socio-economic and demographic breakdown of enrolling students from target schools 

Table 1:  September 2022 enrolments by gender  

September 2022 enrolments by gender Number of enrolments Percentage
Female 79 59%
Male 36 27%
Other 18 14%
Total 133 100%

Table 2: September 2022 enrolments by ethnicity  

September 2022 enrolments by ethnicity Number of enrolments Percentage
Arab 1 1%
Asian 35 26%
Black 2 2%
Other (including mixed) 2 2%
White 76 57%
Unknown 17


Total 133


Table 3: Progression of students from disadvantaged backgrounds (IMD)

Percentage of enrolments by IMD quintile Percentage
1 40%
2 16%
3 16%
4 10%
5 17%
Unknown 1%
Total 100%

Table 4: Comparison between target schools and colleges and whole University enrolments by IMD quintile

Progression of students by IMD quintile Percentage of target schools enrolments Percentage of whole University enrolments
1 40% 26%
2 16% 19%
3 16% 17%
4 10% 16%
5 17% 19%
Unknown 1% 3%
Total 100% 100%

Analysis of applications and enrolments from target schools for 2021/22 shows a clear impact of the work of the Widening Access team including: 

The analysis, however, also highlights the need to sharpen our focus and build on access work with two key groups, as we can see: 

Progression to HE from those who have engaged in Widening Access outreach

EMWPREP (East Midlands Widening Participation Research and Evaluation Partnership) is a partnership of higher education institutions that work together to contribute to a tracking database. The EMWPREP team works with HESA on behalf of the partnership to provide data on the long-term progression and graduate outcomes of those who have engaged in outreach activity. We are provided with an annual report from EMWPREP of the outcomes for those who have engaged specifically with University outreach activity.  

From this we can see that: