Why the turtle?

You may have noticed that the University of Derby turtle appears in many of our adverts around the world. But do you know why?

The turtle symbolises our research ethos, which is to build a stronger, safer, and more sustainable future for everyone. Although active in many areas of research, we are best known for our work in aquatics and zero carbon. Did you know we are the only UK institution to specialise in concentrated solar power as an alternative energy source? Our experts are all about developing innovative solutions and thrive on turning challenges into opportunities. We proudly use our research-informed strategies to influence international, national, and regional policies.

On a practical basis, our world-class scientists are leading on international research into the restoration of coral reef ecosystems. Students and staff at our Aquatic Research Facility are creating new, young corals which can be transferred onto damaged reefs. So far, we have successfully spawned more than 44 coral species across 63 institutions worldwide. 

We have one simple promise – to make a positive impact. Our valuable research is helping to combat climate change, making the planet a better place for us and the much-loved turtle. 

Person looking into fishtanks in the Aqua Research Facility

Our Aquatic Research Facility

Our Aquatic Research Facility offers our students a unique opportunity to participate in high-level research and work with some of the world leaders in the field of aquarium and zoo research.

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Plants against a black background.

Innovation and research

We are an applied research University that places research at the heart of our curriculum, demonstrates positive impacts for society and works with industry to drive business growth.

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