Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility here at the University of Derby.

Safeguarding – it's everybody's responsibility

The University of Derby is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all our staff, students and children. At the University of Derby, safeguarding is everybody's concern.

If there is an immediate risk to life, violence, a crime has been or is being committed or other emergency situations, you must contact 999 immediately.

If you have safeguarding concerns but the individual is not at immediate risk of harm

For Higher Education students, Degree level and above (excluding any apprentices, or degree apprentices)

Report your concern using our cause for concern reporting form

For students and staff within higher education (HE) at The University of Derby, if you have called the emergency services please also notify Security on 01332 597777 and the Designated Safeguarding Lead on 07468 743374 as soon as possible following contact with the emergency services. 

For Further Education students at the Buxton and Leek College (BLC) - All apprentices (including Degree apprentices across BLC and further education students)

If the student or staff member is within further education (FE) at Buxton and Leek College, including apprenticeships, please take a look at the Buxton and Leek College webpage for the information, or report a concern

For any non-immediate concerns

The University has a Safeguarding team and it is important to notify them immediately with any concerns, including those about an individual, via report. A member of the team will triage your concern and take appropriate action.

We are committed to safeguarding children and adults at risk, and we respond promptly to reports. However, these reports will only be received and responded to during the working hours of the University.