Category: Health

Box of old photos

Pauline Green, Academic Lead for Social Work and Care at University of Derby Online Learning, explains why memory boxes are vital for people with dementia.

Clear Syringe

Dr Bill Whitehead, Head of Department of Health Care Practice at the University of Derby, explains why there is a nursing shortage and what can be done.

Paper and pencil and screwed up paper

Michelle Brown, Deputy Head of Department for Healthcare Practice at the University of Derby, explains why end of life care planning is vital.

a pile of painkillers in different colours shapes and sizes

Ahead of World Health Day 2017, James Elander, Head of Psychological Research at the University of Derby, discusses new research into painkiller addiction.

baby laying on stomach

With celebrities like Halle Berry, Celine Dion and Janet Jackson dominating the headlines for having babies over the age of 40, Dr Christopher Barnes, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, discusses the impact of having a baby later in life.

Artwork of a women of colour

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Susan Hogan, Professor in Therapeutic Arts, explains how taking up art can help women come to terms with being a new mum, help prevent postnatal depression and give their children the best start in life.

Screen showing heart rate

Denise Baker, Head of Pre-qualifying Health Care at the University of Derby, explains the role of Nursing Associates and the impact on other Band 4 workers.

A bag of coloured crayons

Trudy Cowan, Lecturer in Post-registration Health Care at the University of Derby, explains the effects bullying has on young people and shares her top tips on how to tackle it.

Nurse using a needle to get medicine out of container

Dr Paula Holt, Dean of the College of Health and Social Care at the University of Derby, explains what the new funding reforms mean for trainee nurses.

Two hands holding coffee mugs

Alison Kilduff, Head of Mental Health Nursing at the University of Derby, talks about mental health discrimination and why this needs to be tackled in 2017.