Category: Health

a sheet of x-ray images

PhD candidate Louise Burton is carrying out a study that aims to reduce the potential for side effects from radiation in diagnostic imaging tests, such as x-rays and CT scans. She presented her ongoing work at the recent EMDoc (East Midlands Doctoral Network) Conference and won the best oral presentation. Louise, also a postgraduate Teaching Assistant at the University, describes her study.

Two people sat at a table talking

Sian Burgess, Programme Leader for the BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy at the University of Derby, discusses the role of an Occupational Therapist and the power of meaningful occupations.

A new mother holder her baby wrapped up in white blankets

Dr Susan Hogan, Professor of Arts and Health at the University of Derby, examines how art-making can provide a means for women to express and understand their changed sense of self-identity and sexuality as a result of pregnancy and motherhood.

A young man in a hoodie and a face mask standing against a wall with graffiti which reads

Professor Frances Maratos, Associate Professor and Reader in Emotion Science at the University of Derby, explains why she and fellow psychologists are concerned about recent messaging about Covid-19.

A University of Derby arts therapy student sitting on a theatre floor surrounded by coloured silk scarves

Dr Clive Holmwood, Associate Professor in Dramatherapy at the University of Derby discusses how dramatherapy and play based approaches can help with the emotional impact on the Covid-19 generation.

A man with a laptop open on his lap working from his bed

Counselling and psychotherapy academic Yasuhiro Kotera, of the University of Derby, examines how working from home during the pandemic can affect our sense of wellbeing.

A hand holding an pocket-watch style analogue stopwatch

Dr Tom Hunt, Associate Professor of Psychology, and Steve Chinn, Visiting Professor, both at the University of Derby, explore  'quick maths' and its role in the world of mathematics.

A man sitting cross-legged on a wooden floor with his head on his knee

University of Derby's Dr William Van Gordon and online MSc Psychology student Andrea King discuss five psychological tips for coping with chronic pain.

A seven day pill organiser with some tablets

James Elander, Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Derby, explores how to help people with chronic pain reduce reliance on painkillers.

A man in a polo shirt fixing a blood pressure monitor to his upper arm on a white background

Dr Elaina Taylor, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby, outlines a few achievable suggestions to improve your heart health.