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Midwifery student Kayty Richards in her uniform cradling an artificial baby in her arms

Midwifery student Kayty Richards is President of our new Midwifery Society, Midwifery Rocks. She is passionate about caring and advocating for women, the power of kindness, and peer support.

Black and white image of a man with glasses wearing a facemask

The impact of Covid-19 is leaving people with symptoms that can endure for weeks or even months. The role of occupational therapists to help understand the impact this can have on their lives will be crucial.

A woman sitting under a tree in a park, holding a baby in her lap

This year's Breastfeeding Celebration Week (21-27 June) focuses on how partners and the wider family unit can support breastfeeding. University of Derby Research Nurse Jessica Jackson draws on her study of the experiences of women breastfeeding beyond infancy, and highlights what families can do to support breastfeeding duration.

Silhouette of a man staring out of a window

The impact of a traumatic brain injury on an individual and their family can be devastating enough, and a sense of isolation at any time can exacerbate that. The restrictions of the coronavirus lockdown have caused us all to experience the feeling of being isolated over the past year, so what has been the effect of that on those who are recovering from TBI?

a therapist holds a patient's hand

Mature student Danielle Roberts had worked for ten years in the care industry and customer service roles when she decided it was time for a change. She’s now in the third year of our BSc (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy Principles and Practices. And she's feeling enlightened and inspired.

Nursing students with Senior Lecturer Guy Collins in our training ward

We mark and celebrate International Nurses’ Day on 12 May. This year, Senior Lecturer Guy Collins urges us all to recognise the daily sacrifices, turmoil, and stress that nurses around the globe have endured during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nurses are at the forefront in the fight against the disease. They preserve life and enable recoveries. 

People on a desert island with palm trees and huts in the background

Tourism has been badly hit by the global pandemic, but it has created a chance to reflect on how our travel plans impact upon the wellbeing of local communities, writes Professor Haywantee Ramkissoon, Head of the Visitor Economy Research Group at the University of Derby’s Derby Business School.

a choir singing

The Covid-19 pandemic has kept us apart from our friends and family, but many people have found comfort in unusual places. One of them is singing together. Dr Yoon Irons, Research Fellow at the University of Derby, explores why singing has helped some many people and what benefits it can offer.

Dr Sophie Williams, Academic Lead in Psychology at the University of Derby, looks at the reason why pregnant women have been excluded from clinical trials for the Covid-19 vaccine and the history behind the decision. 

Research Nurse Jessica Jackson, the lead author of Public Health England’s ‘Understanding and addressing inequalities in physical activity’ report (March 2021) explains in this blog why, as we begin to emerge from lockdown, we urgently need to address its negative impact on the health and wellbeing for those at the greatest risk.