Custody Suite

Our Custody Suite is located at our One Friar Gate Square site, a modern and iconic building in the heart of Derby’s vibrant city centre that creates the perfect environment for innovative and engaging teaching.

Practical learning

Our Custody Suite has been designed to replicate the facilities that you would find in a modern-day police station, and allows our students to practise what they'll be doing in their future careers. It features a booking-in desk, a cell and interview rooms.

Activities such as the booking-in process (including searching, signing electronic documents and reading rights) can be practised in this facility. Our interview rooms have video links to a classroom which allows whole classes to review and feed back with peers, a vital part of training. 

Tour our Custody Suite

Head of Policing Tony Blockley explains the uses and benefits of the Custody Suite for our students.

Head of Policing Tony Blockley gives a tour of the Custody Suite training facility

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For businesses

Businesses can harness cutting-edge facilities for a variety of training and developing purposes in our custody suite. Our facility provides a realistic and immersive environment, offering businesses the opportunity to conduct hands-on training sessions in a controlled setting.

Molly Teasdale, BA (Hons) Professional Policing student

We spend a lot of time in the custody suite practising procedures. I've recently just led my first interview, which was amazing, and it was because of the facilities here. I was able to learn and familiarise myself with the setting and procedure beforehand.

Molly Teasdale
BA (Hons) Professional Policing student
a police car with blue lights flashing

Undergraduate Policing courses

A career in policing demands skill, responsibility, leadership and initiative, together with a genuine desire to make a difference to society. We’ll take your passion and help you match it with the skills to succeed.

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Postgraduate Policing and Criminology courses

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