Forensic Laboratories

Our suite of forensic facilities, situated at the top of the North Tower, house specialist equipment allowing you to perform a range of molecular techniques from chromatography to heavy metal analysis.

The forensic science suite includes a Forensic Teaching Facility Laboratory, Speclialist Light Room and Analytical Suite, each of which house specialist equipment for the examination of evidence. 

Forensic Teaching Facility

  • Histology equipment and large staining sink
  • Ninhydrin humidity chamber - to develop fingermarks on paper or card
  • Cyanoacrylate (Superglue) Fuming Chamber - to develop fingermarks on glass or plastic
  • Low and High Power microscopes - for examination of hairs, fibres or entomological samples
  • Comparison Microscope - to compare bullets
  • ESLA - for document analysis

Specialist Light Room

  • Crimelites - for analysis of bodily fluids

Analytical Suite

  • HPLC (incl HPLC-DAD) – for analysis of organic samples such as drugs. Currently being used by a post-doctoral student for analysis of Vitamin C in blood and urine
  • GCMS (incl GC-FID) – to analyse volatile substances like accelerants
  • AAS – for heavy metal analysis (soil/water analysis)
  • IC – analysis of anions, useful to determine water contamination
  • UV-Vis spectroscopy – to analyse organic samples